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Time is money, so what are your thin section/block preparation options ?

Job Estimation | Order Process

The price estimation and ordering process can start by simply clicking on the Job Estimation or Order Now buttons on the home page.

After you register your account, you will take a step by step through the process of deciding what prepartion options you want (eg: slide size, polishing). At the same time, it will ask you to sort your samples into groups that require the same preparation because different preparation will decide a different price. It will give you a price per sample, per group and a total.Below are few examples of the information you will be asked to produce the result you want

Below are few examples of the information you will be asked to produce the result you want.

Blocks or Slides

Example sizes:
28mm x 48mm,
26mm x 76mm,
or even 51mm x 76mm


Do you want your thins section polished or with ground cover slips ?


What thickness do you want the sample materials, eg: 30 microns


Do you want your thin section stained ?

Production Process​
The production process usually starts as a drill core, rock, clay or mineral sample.
Production Process​
Thin sections are rectangular glass slides of various sizes with slivers of sample material glued on top. The material has a ground or polished surface that is so thin light or x-rays can be beamed through the glass and material sandwich to reveal information such as mineral type, quality and grain counts.
Production Process​
Blocks are solid cylinders of solid material or loose particles embedded in epoxy with the top end ground or polished so the surface can analyzed.
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Our technicians are highly experienced and based in Brisbane. We use the latest automated material preparation equipment to deliver a consistently high quality product. Our ever increasing knowledge base and constantly revised processes deliver fast turn-around times.

We are prepared to put our money where our mouth is. Ask us about our new customer trial offer to test our quality and fast turn-around on thin sections for petrology, geology, mineralogy, paleontology, geoscience or construction professionals.

Thin Section Australia started in 2013 following many requests from friends, who were tired of waiting up to six weeks to receive orders for important polished thin section samples.

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Our laboratory equipment will be undergoing annual service maintenance from the

22nd January – 2nd February 2024.  

We will still be accepting your orders and deliveries and prepping orders for production, but please bear with us, as turnaround times will be pushed out due to the downtime.


Thanking you in advance, TSA